Art is Love

I work with the flow of seasons and the flow of emotion.

Being connected to the world and its rhythms help me to feel grounded and in balance. That's why you will find some connections with the colors you see in your garden and my latest creations.

Being connected to my emotions keeps me aware of what needs care and attention. That's the reason some of my art will make you feel connected.

Art is love because when you create, you give love. And when you suround yourself with art, you recieve that love.

You are gold
Ordinarie pris
1 500 SEK
1 500 SEK
Ordinarie pris

which artwork resonnates the most with you today ?

"I make art so you can take care of yourself and find what is the right piece of art for you right now. You can always write me an email about who you are, what you want/need in your life and what inspires you. I can help you with finding that special piece of art for you, the one that will bring what you need in your life today. Or create it for you" Just click to write

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