About the artist


I am a french artist living on the east coast in South of Sweden. There I have settled while creating a family and founded the studio Atelier Bleu. A place where I work and share a studio with like minded women and artists. I come from South of France and lived many years in Berlin before migrating even norther up. Changing countries and learning about new cultures, while also becoming a mother and growing as a woman and artist has fed my artistic process in many ways for the past twelve years. 

The way I create is like a long-term relationship, a personal emotional story that I am sharing with the world. I think that it is the fact that I am in touch with my emotions that makes my artistic creation intuitive and organic. It grows.  Like plants through seasons, like a person through life. It is abstract too, because our emotional world is not always defined but mysterious, sensitive and colourful. Everything that moves me is a source to my creative process. And this process in itself is very important for me. Being in touch with my emotions and bringing them out helps me to evolve and progress as a person. 



If you want to read a bit more : 

I have learn through the years that I am closely developing alongside my artistic practice, and that not doing it is not possible for me. Darker periods have taught me to take care of it, commit to it and decide for my own well being that creating is necessary to my life.  Being highly sensitive and seing the world with my eyes can be very overwhelming at times. But I know as of today, that I can release the exigent emotional weight if I keep creating consistently. Moreover, I know now that I can share that vision to the world. As an inspiration, to nurture it too.

That´s why I do what I do. To inspire myself and inspire you. With the colours I applicate on the canvas, or when i perform an imaginary scene, I bring up a dream in our reality. And if we share that dream, we have a connection. Emotion and connection are maybe the most important things for me. That´s why I am an artist in this world. So I can release the emotional energies I feel, and I can give something from it. Giving is very fulfilling. 


I could write here all my experiences in the world of the arts. The schools I went to, the exhibitions I have made. And all of it has probably played a role in where i place myself today as an artist. However, there is a few elements i consider more formative to how I create today and who I am as an artist and i would like to share them to you. 

I have had in art school one course about ink fourteen years ago and how to use it and fell in love with the medium. Since then, it is at the center of my creative process.

My personal experiences in life have taught me more about myself as an artist that the art courses I have attended. Observing and contemplating. Taking in to take it out is key.

The way I look at the things around me, the details I see, and the rich layers of interpretation I have about a situation or a person are the source of my inspiration.

The difficult periods in my life are the starting point of some of my most interesting and dedicated work. For exemple, the emotional burnout.

I trust that emotions shows with colours. Though I don´t think about which color, which emotion when I paint. I recall a feeling and I paint intuitively. That´s why I can be obsess for a while which a palett. Like emotions, colors can linger around. They tell us things. 

I need to be in a calm place to create. But exchanging, communicating with people and collaborating with other artist is important for my work. It helps me to grow, feel stronger, get out of my comfort zone, and be active in something I find so important to our world : a community.