Contact and return

If you need to CONTACT ME for a request about a purchase, or a question about a artwork you are welcome to write me an email or call me. I will answer you within 24hours. The contact information are at the bottom of this page.
Prints and canvases are sent within maximum a week time from the studio. If a delay must occur, you will receive a personal email from me.
If you would like to RETURN an artwork here are the steps :
-Write me an email with the name of the artwork and the reason why you need to return it to the email adress at the bottom of this page.
- I will answer you within 24 hours and give you the procedure to send it back.
  You have one week after receiving the artwork to contact me for a return. If you don´t get any answer within 24h, you are welcome to call me.  Wait to have an answer from me before sending it back. The fee for sending it back is at your own charges but it can also be left at my studio "Atelier Bleu" in Ystad.