I am a fine art artist and work with ink, oil paint and some natural material like weaved cotton canvases as well as wool, wood and stones in my installations. 

I work and research different subjects endlessly in my practice such as feminine energy, intrication of emotions, the power of dreams and day-dreaming and therapeutic effect of colours and textures on an individual and therefore on a group. My work move in cycles like the world and seasons. My main motive is to communicate and connect and ultimately enlighten aspects of our emotional world so we can progress as a whole. 

To purchase my work you can contact me through email or look at my instagram page - @fanniefaivre.artshop. 

It supports my art researches, the women artists collective WAOS, my life and family. 



UTERUS - Canvas, ink -



 LEOPARD'S CLAW - Ink and oil paint on a wool - 



WOMB - Installation . hand-dyed wool, recycled fabric - 


FISH - ink and oil paint on canvas.wool hangers -



THE SEA IS A BANDAGE - Installation.wood, hand-dyed wool, stones -