"I think I am in touch with my emotions, that´s why I can let them out maybe..." Yoko Ono

Creating art is like birthing a child, every day, and caring for it. And then you have a 1000 children, they grow and keep spreading love in the world.
The way I create is a like a long term relationship, a personal story that I am sharing with people. I consider that it is the fact that I am in touch with my emotions that makes my artistic creation intuitive and organic. It grows and changes like a person develops through its life. The spheres that evolve around me and my experiences, choices, are inducing the creative process and can be find in the resulting artwork. I also consider the processus of creation in itself being more important than the result. Being close to the source of what makes me move as an artist, my emotions, is fundamentally helping me to be a good person in the world. 
Actually, I can’t fake it. If I try to pretend something, if it is not coming from my guts feelings, it feels off and it is not working for me. I will usually re-paint quickly over the canvas, or the project won’t go further. 



Emotion is good. Keep feeling, invite them in. Your emotions. I trust any kind of artistic expression helps with that. 




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